Join The Freedom Team

A great way to get connected to the Freedom Church family is through serving.

We want our entire church family to be truly whole—body, soul, and spirit. Your gifts and talents and ability to serve this family are important to Jesus, but your relationship with Him and being healed comes first.

No matter where you’ve served in local churches in the past, or how long you’ve been attending church, we want you to know that you’re free during your initial season here at Freedom to soak in the presence of Jesus and enjoy His love. No pressure to volunteer or serve in a ministry capacity. However, once that season of soaking and healing is over, then YES, get in where you fit in! This family needs the gifts and talents the Father put IN you, and as that happens, we’ll help you to discover
what that looks like.

Freedom Church Serve Teams

Altar Team

Our vision for our Altar Team is to serve as a conduit for the Holy Spirit from the Father to the people who come to the altar for prayer; to pray Spirit-led prayers, in agreement with them, expecting answers; to help people to receive reconciliation, restoration, and wholeness in body, soul and spirit.


Freedom Arrows is our children’s ministry for students 1st-6th grade. We provide a fun, safe, loving environment for students to experience the presence of God and learn His Word as they grow as followers of Jesus.


Freebirds is our nursery and preschool ministry for children 3 months-5 years old. Our mission is to plant seeds of truth in the hearts of our littlest ones as we demonstrate the love of God.

Freedom In Action

Freedom In Action is our outreach ministry where our mission is to share the good news of the Gospel, pray for the sick and see them healed, raise the dead, and baptize people in Holy Spirit. The only thing you need to join this team is to just be yourself, so filled up with His presence that everyone you love and pray for encounters the glory of God.

Hospitality Team

As security, greeters, and ushers, we get the privilege of acquainting people with a new atmosphere, settling into this faith family for service, and accessing the ministries and facilities we offer which allow for each member of the family to served fully and with the heart of Jesus. Practically that can look like welcoming guests with a warm friendly smile and a caring Christ-like attitude, watching over and stewarding the safety of those present on our campus, pointing or accompanying guests to children’s check-in, nurseries, helping to find seats, and at times addressing simple housekeeping needs.

Media Team

Here on our media team, the goal is to have a heart surrendered to God, eyes for video and an ear for sound.  We want to ensure that anyone who wants to come witness what the Lord is doing within our body, is able to have the same experience in person as they would online. We believe in equipping our media team with proper training, equipment and communication skills, not just so we can make the service sound good and look good, but so people can worship God and stay attentive and focused on what the Lord is doing in the service.

PHOP Prayer Team

Pensacola House of Prayer (PHOP) is a place where people from all over Pensacola can unite for worship and prayer. Dedicated to the Word of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit, we engage in passionate intercession, fasting, worship, and declaration of the Word of God to call forth transformation all across Pensacola and the world for the return of the Lord Jesus. Jesus said, "My Father's house will be called a house of prayer." We believe intimacy with Christ through prayer and worship is the engine that powers our personal lives, our relationships, our ministry, and everything else we do. As Christ-followers, it's where our effectiveness begins.

Worship Team

As worship leaders, musicians and singers, we have the honor of ushering in the presence of the Lord and leading people through transparency and authenticity. We believe that teachability and humility are two of the most important things to have in order to properly achieve that. We always want to ensure that Jesus is the only one getting the glory because He is the only one found worthy, and that we come serve with a spirit of excellence without striving. We want to do exactly what Jesus said: "For God is Spirit, so those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth."

Anchored Youth

Anchored Youth is a discipleship centered youth ministry that focuses on equipping the next generation to walk in their God-given destiny through prayer, worship, and the Word. Our desire is to raise up this generation to manifest the power and love of Jesus Christ in the world like we have yet to see!